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Faculty of Science

About us
The Faculty of Science of SHUATS, consists of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Forensic Science, Department of Biological Sciences. At the present time we are offering the following undergraduate degree programs in B.Sc.(PCM), B.Sc.(PMCS), B. Sc. (ZBC), B. Sc. (LSCFS), B. Sc. (PCFS) and for postgraduate level we are offering M. Phil. (Physics), (Botany) and (Chemistry) M.Sc.(Mathematics), M. Sc. Agricultural Statistics, M.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Botany) and M.Sc. (Forensic Science), M. Sc. (Chemistry). Then we are offering for all the Engineering departments, Agricultural programmes, other courses in Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Botany, Zoology, etc. Post graduate and Ph.D. students are given guidance depending upon their requirements. Research work is being carried out in the Departments of Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences.

Evolving education, as evolving life, is a process of adaption to change. Nowhere change is more rapid and continuing than in the sciences and nowhere in science are advances being made more rapid than basic sciences. Many of today’s discoveries have already surpassed the most imaginative predictions a few decades ago. Some of these discoveries will certainly shape man’s future and influence his approach to new problems. For the major part of the twentieth century the physical sciences have dominated Science and Engineering. But as we entered the twenty first century, we see biological sciences, mathematics and statistics emerging as top priorities in the field of science. Faculty of Science is dealing with some of the basic sciences such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, plant physiology, entomology, biophysics, forensic science and statistics. The faculty aims to lay the foundation in the Basic sciences, so that people would be able to make a meaningful application of what they have learnt. We wish to promote proper learning of the basics so that those who pass out may address the problems facing us and try to solve them efficiently. The faculty also promotes research in Basic Sciences in order to send out scientists without whom our Nation would not be able to progress properly. The faculty enjoys a good degree of autonomy, which is used to promote excellence in academics study, relevance and employability. We have geared our teaching, learning and continuous evaluation towards achieving the above mentioned goals for our students.


Courses Offfered
SHUATS offers the following courses       Online Application Form

  • M.Sc. Mathematics  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 20)
    Eligibilty: B.Sc with PCM/PSM/PMCS
    (Marks: Minimum 50% or 6.0 CGPA)
    Download Course Structure MSMATH

  • M.Sc. Botany  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 20)
    Eligibilty: B.Sc Life Sciences / Biology with any two of the following subjects: Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Biological Techniques and Specimen preparation (BTSP)
    (Marks: Minimum 50% or 6.0 CGPA)
    Download Course Structure MSBOT

  • M.Sc. Physics  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 15)
    Eligibilty: B.Sc. PCM, PSM, PMCS, B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics, B.Sc. Electronics and Communication, B.E./B.Tech. Electronics Engg.,/ Electrical Engg., / Mech. Engg.
    (Marks: Minimum 50% or 6.0 CGPA)
    Download Course Structure MSPHY

  • M.Sc. Forensic Science  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 20)
    Eligibilty: B. Sc. with Chemistry/ Biology/ Physics/ Forensic Sc. as one of the subject and equivalent / BDS / MBBS
    (Marks: Minimum 50% or 6.0 CGPA)
    Download Course Structure MSFS

  • M.Sc. Chemistry  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 20)
    Eligibilty: B. Sc (with chemistry as one of the subject at graduate level)
    (Marks: Minimum 50% or 6.0 CGPA)
    Download Course Structure MSCHY

  • M.Sc. Plant Physiology  (Duration: 4 Sem , No. of Seats: 20)
    Eligibilty: B.Sc Bio. / Agriculture / Biotech (with Botany / Ag. Botany / Plant Physiology as one of the main subjects)
    (Marks: Minimum 50% or 6.0 CGPA)
    Download Course Structure MSPPSY
Note:- There are 15% & 25% Seats are reserved for ICAR sponsored candidates in Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programmes. The Candidates admitted from Pure Science stream may be required to study deficiency courses of two additional semesters or 30 Credit Hours in the Agriculture P.G